Kootenayz Exoticz

The Kootenayz Exoticz Strain is a low-THC strain with relaxing and de-stressing properties. While the THC level of Kootenayz Exoticz may be offputting to some users, for more experienced consumers, this can be a welcome change from other strains’ overpowering highs. The Kootenayz Exoticz Strain also has great tastes, including ripe summer strawberries and sweet candy. Buy our Heaven’s Devil Strain.

The Kootenayz Exoticz strain is named after a little humanoid race that dwells in Middle-earth in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings novels. Personally, I choose to believe that the breeders were influenced by Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Spock on Star Trek. Given how amusing the music video and subsequent awfulness is when sober, I can only imagine what it must be like when you’re high!

What is the Kootenayz Exoticz Strain?

The Kannabia Seed Company created the Kootenayz Exoticz strain weed. It’s a cross of an unknown Ruderalis variety with Ginger Ale. Although it isn’t the most powerful cannabis strain available; it’s a fantastic choice if you want to unwind with friends on a day when you don’t have any pressing matters to deal with. It’s an autoflowering strain, which means it matures from seed to smoking in only about 70 days.


While the Kootenayz Exoticz marijuana strain isn’t as potent as others on the market, it makes up for it with a wonderful flavor and scent profile. It has a sweet strawberry taste that is so powerful that we recommend investing in odor filters from the early flowering stages when growing indoors.


Kootenayz Exoticz tastes like strawberries and candy! Some users claim that this strain is like sugary strawberry sweets when you exhale.


Kootenayz Exoticz is tiny, like the creatures from Tolkien’s mythical world. The nugs have a light structure and are covered in tiny amber hairs, as well as matching small crystal trichomes.

Kootenayz Exoticz Strain Grow Info

There are a lot of advantages to growing auto-flowering cannabis strains, such as producing more buds per plant than other plants. Kootenayz Exoticz strain seeds will allow you to grow your crop in 65 days! In theory, you may expect to harvest five Kootenayz Exoticz harvests at home. The above-average yield is attributed to the bloom on side branches, which explains why it flowers on side branches.

Kannabia claims that each seed offers 25 grams of bud when cultivated indoors, and 60 grams outdoors. You may get 4.5-11 ounces of pot when grown inside, according to Kannabia. These are feminized seeds that are highly resistant to fungus and common pests/diseases, and they’re packaged in pods. Growers in wet or humid climates will have less difficulty than usual as a result of this.

If you grow Kootenayz Exoticz autoflowering seeds indoors, it is easy to grow in 18-hour photoperiods. Those who cultivate it outdoors are advised to try and grow these seeds between March and October for best results. We have also heard experts suggest that Kootenayz Exoticz seeds should be grown in 7-liter pots.

What’s fascinating is the powerful scent. Kootenayz Exoticz’ fragrance is pungent from the start, unlike many other marijuana strains. If you’re attempting to remove any traces of your crop without being detected, this might be an issue. Indoor cultivation with odor prevention would be ideal for Kootenayz Exoticz.

An activated carbon filter is a must-have for any marijuana garden, since it can remove up to 90% of odors within minutes. The particles in the air are attracted by activated and highly ionized carbon in these devices. Dust, mold spores, and hair particles that give off odors get trapped by the ionized carbon molecules within the device’s main filter or pre-filter.

Don’t expect Kootenayz Exoticz cannabis to rock your world; THC levels are usually around 15%. That’s a lot of THC if you’re new to it, and a decade or two ago, it would have been considered “potent.” It is moderately potent in today’s THC-crazed market. There isn’t much CBD in Kootenayz Exoticz.

What Can I Expect When I Use Kootenayz Exoticz Weed?

Despite the fact that the THC content is rather modest, you will be surprised by the strength of the high. The unusual nature of the Kootenayz Exoticz high has made many people unaware. A pleasant tingling sensation begins in your head and forehead and travels down to your body, producing a joyful and hazy feeling.

Kootenayz Exoticz is a social strain that can help you connect with other people while you’re out in the late afternoon. Users frequently report a strong sense of concentration during the early phases of the high. The tingling sensation eventually spreads throughout your body, and you begin to feel sedentary. All you want to do now is lie down or on the couch by the time the high has completely taken hold. It could also make you hungry for food.

Medical Benefits of Kootenayz Exoticz Marijuana

Kootenayz Exoticz is a hybrid strain, and it may be used to cure both mental and physical problems due to its diversity. Although the THC level isn’t high enough to guarantee that Kootenayz Exoticz is effective for severe pain relief, it’s a good choice if you want to treat minor aches and pains. Because Kootenayz Exoticz has sedative effects, you might find it useful in assisting you in getting a restful night’s sleep. Its uplifting qualities also make it useful for people suffering from anxiety, stress, or depression.

Possible Side Effects of Kootenayz Exoticz Weed

Kootenayz Exoticz, unlike other more potent strains, seldom has any significant side effects. Users have reported dry eyes, and it’s possible that you’ll burst out laughing as a result of the drowsiness it induces, although we’re not sure if this is considered a negative occurrence! Because of its sleep-promoting qualities, it’s best consumed in the evening.

Final Thoughts on Kootenayz Exoticz Cannabis

Kannabia has turned a potential loser into a winning balanced hybrid and has made the most of Ruderalis’ often unjustly maligned genetics. Its fragrance makes you think you’re going to enjoy a taste experience, and Kootenayz Exoticz doesn’t let down. The fruity, sweet strawberry taste is delectable, and you’ll want to come back for more.

Kootenayz Exoticz is a modestly powerful cannabis strain that does an acceptable job, particularly if you are new to smoking or have a low tolerance. Because it’s an autoflowering variety, it’s really simple to cultivate, and it yields above-average amounts.

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