Alien OG Weed

Alien OG is a 50/50 hybrid that provides a very powerful, yet refreshing high. It has a woody and citrusy aroma that is complemented with a piney, lemony flavor that will surely refresh the senses. Alien OG also delivers a decent cerebral high with the capacity to help focus and relax, making it ideal for an afternoon smoke on your off day. Strains named after space or other cosmic themes are something special; they have this inexplicable attraction about them.

This space-age strain has an extraordinary aroma that will enchant you, as well as a name that will capture your attention. Its potent buds will lock you in and transport you into outer space with its powerful, medicinal qualities. This cannabis strain from California is widely popular due to its insanely high THC content, which makes it aontelecta and sativa combined into one spectacular package.

What is the Alien OG Cannabis Strain?

Alien OG is a 50/50 hybrid strain that combines the genetics of Tahoe OG Kush and Alien Kush. The best of both worlds is found in this marijuana variety, which has a 50% indica, 50% sativa mix. Alien OG first showed up in the Bay Area of California, but growers were initially only able to grow it with a clone. Cali Connection eventually began selling seeds for Alien OG, allowing the strain to flourish in locations that previously lacked it. Many people are interested in the strain’s high yields, powerful high, and refreshing taste, in addition to its intriguing backstory.

Alien OG Aroma

When it comes to smell, Alien OG is identical to other OG strains with a woody and citrusy scent, thus confirming that it acquired the genetics of its Tahoe OG Kush relative in terms of smell and flavor. This marijuana strain has many earthy tones as well as lemon and pine hints.

Alien OG Flavor

Alien OG’s flavor is similar to its scent; pine, lemon, and dirt are prominent sensations. This natural taste is surprisingly grounding and restorative; it does not overpower the senses but still leaves an influence on the user. The smoke itself is silky smooth on the draw with no harsh hitting of your lungs toward the exhale, so you can smoke cough-free if you like other OG Kush strains. If you enjoy the way other OG Kush plants smell, you’ll love Alien OG as well.

Alien OG Appearance

Alien OG nuggets have a classic appearance, with rich, dark green sugar leaves and extremely curly orange pistils. These pistils aid in pollination and are tightly packed together. Alien OG has a thick, frosty, very sticky covering due to its high THC concentration that adds to the strain’s strength. This also explains the strain’s stunningly gorgeous gleam, which goes well with the name.

Alien OG Cannabis Grow Info

If you’re looking for a strain that can produce top-quality yields, Alien OG is the one! It appears like a match made in heaven or should we say space, given that Alien OG is recognized to generate just that. Not only may you anticipate rich harvests from well-managed crops, but the actual nuggets and colas themselves have an incredible density.

Alien OG’s high-yielding quality is quite remarkable, as indica strains don’t usually produce a lot of consumable material. Even if the outcomes of cultivating this strain are beneficial, growing it does not come without its difficulties. In fact, producing Alien OG without the needed expertise and some trial and error might be quite difficult. Alien OG will be nothing new to those with a lot of expertise growing cannabis, but for those who are just getting started, do your homework first.

Alien OG plants are usually tiny, reaching less than 30 inches in height, with a rounded shape. The buds tend to all cluster along one main stem and then fatter colas develop as a result of that, which is rather typical for an indica plant. The appearance of this Cannabis strain is more influenced by its Alien Kush ancestors than the OG side. It’s important to keep an eye on and maintain a number of factors when growing with Alien OG, including light, nutrient, humidity, and water levels. Any leaves that are preventing bud growth should be cut back and trimmed regularly to prevent malnutrition.

Topping is a particularly vital skill to acquire, as it will keep the plant healthy. It appears that the Sea of Green (SOG) technique for growing Alien OG works well, so you might want to try it out.

This marijuana strain is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, producing well under either set of circumstances as long as the correct conditions are satisfied. Alien OG thrives in sunlight and has adequate humidity levels, so these factors should be duplicated when growing indoors. Since these bud clusters are dense, they are more vulnerable to mold and mildew growth, which is why maintaining a low to moderate humidity level is so important. The optimal temperature range for this cannabis type is 68-78 degrees Fahrenheit.

This strain has a flowering period of 7-9 weeks, which is on the shorter side, with harvests generally occurring in the mid-October range, far before any bad weather can arrive. Indoor yields range from 10-11 ounces per meter squared indoors and 13-14 ounces per plant outdoors, which is very good for a strain that appears to be similar to an indica physically.

To maximize the benefits of Alien OG, buds should be properly cured immediately after harvest to ensure that THC and other medicinal cannabinoids are effectively preserved.

Alien OG THC Content – Highest Test

Although the average THC content of Alien OG is typically below 20%, studies have shown numbers as high as 28%, which indicates that this cannabis strain has one of the highest potencies available. We believe that, because the cannabis industry is so interested in developing stronger strains, Alien OG will continue to be developed to be even more powerful.

Alien OG CBD Content – Highest Test

Alien OG doesn’t provide a lot of CBD. The strain’s CBD content is only 0.1%, which isn’t much, yet it’s still not particularly outstanding. If you’re looking for a cannabis type with a greater CBD content, there are several options that might be better suited to your needs, such as Cannatonic, ACDC, Harle-Tsu, Pennywise, Charlotte’s Web, Canna-Tsu, Harlequin, and Ringo’s Gift. Alien OG has less CBD than THC so users who want the medicinal benefits of tetrahydrocannabinol should avoid eating it.

Alien OG Effects

The strain’s name, Wolf-Eyes, comes from its thick Indica growth characteristics. The high is described as physically and psychologically stimulating with a cerebral high. This marijuana strain has a unique combination of indica and sativa qualities that produce a soothing closing to the high while keeping the brain sharp, alert, and creative. You can also anticipate to experience more joyous and happy feelings while sinking into a profound state of bliss. Alien OG is a good strain for getting things done at home, especially if you have more tasks to finish after leaving the workplace.

This is due to the fact that this strain has a way of releasing physical tension and stress while also transporting the mind into a productive, creative, and sharp headspace, which is precisely what you need to focus and finish assignments after hours. It’s incredible how this plant is able to target both the mind and body separately in unique ways.

Medical Benefits of the Alien OG Cannabis Strain

Due to its relaxing, buzzy impact on the body and its stimulating, creative effect on the mind, you can imagine that Alien OG would hold quite a few medical uses. Physically, Alien OG works hard to relieve headaches, pain, fatigue, nausea, lack of appetite, and stress, yet at the same time it can also chill you out in the evening and help you fall deep asleep. It really depends upon what time of day you’re consuming this marijuana type, along with what your body is needing to flourish in that given moment.

Alien OG has a stimulating effect on the mind, but it can also be used to treat anxiety, sadness, sleeplessness, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), ADHD/ADD, and other problems. Although it may appear paradoxical how one perplexing plant can give you so many varied outcomes, Alien OG has a particular way of connecting with your body and understanding what it needs the most. Isn’t it great?

Possible Side Effects of the Alien OG Cannabis Strain

As with all cannabis strains, adverse effects can arise. The intensity of these side effects varies from strain to strain, and Alien OG is met with minimal adverse effects. The most commonly experienced is dry mouth (cottonmouth), which is easily manageable by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your high. Keep a large bottle of water filled close by at all times to serve as a reminder to stay hydrated, which will not only soothe dry mouth, but it will also prevent you from feeling any headaches due to dehydration. In rare circumstances, some consumers have experienced mild anxiety and paranoid but this is not a common occurrence.

The Alien OG strain of cannabis, which is known for its multidimensional benefits and powerful THC content as well as big yields, might be able to provide some relief and assistance if you suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, stress, insomnia, pain, headaches, tiredness , lack of appetite , or nausea. Alien OG has grown in popularity due to its many applications as well as its strong THC quantity and high yields.

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