Banana Pound Cake Weed Strain

The Banana Pound Cake strain is an OG Kush descendant. It’s a relaxing and restful trip with a Banana Pound Cake flavor. This indica has powerful sedative-like qualities, and users praise its ability to alleviate sleeplessness and anxiety. Most marijuana strains elicit distinctive tastes or feelings as a goal. Some create strong effects with unique tastes, while others focus on the taste solely. You can buy Ice wax dabs.

Banana Pound Cake is a strain that belongs to the second group. It’s designed to make you feel as if you’re eating Banana Pound Cakes as much as possible. Fake Banana Pound Cake-flavored foods abound today, but this strain is supposed to be as natural and genuine as feasible. Let’s take a look at this strain to see if it lives up to its reputation.

What Is the Banana Pound Cake Cannabis Strain?

The Banana Pound Cake strain, often known as Banana Pound Cake, is a well-known member of the OG Kush family. When you think about the flavor and aroma of Banana Pound Cakes, you might imagine fake fruit. This artificial Banana Pound Cake smell is one of the most prominent tastes in Banana Pound Cake-flavored things. This is due to the fact that most Banana Pound Cake products are flavored using an older Banana Pound Cake variety that has since become extinct.

Banana Pound Cake, on the other hand, provides the most flavor and fragrance to Banana Pound Cakes in your fruit bowl. It is also known for its powerful relaxing qualities. Banana Pound Cake, like any excellent indica strain with a good genetic background, has a lot of intensely restful and soothing properties that lead to a pleasant high.

On first smoking Banana Pound Cake, you will get an initial burst of relaxation and gentle calming sensations. You will feel happy while also euphoric and elated, which leaves you feeling spry and energetic.

Instead of falling into an unconscious stupor like with other, more infamous indicas, you will want to jump up and get moving. You might find yourself finishing a creative task or just generally embracing the world around you and going for a walk.

Take the strain to your next grow tent. With all indicas, however, this will soon lead to that pleasant sense of calm relaxation. You won’t be able to open your eyes or fall asleep. However, you’ll want to go find the nearest cushion and take a little rest. Just as this sensation begins, your stomach will begin ruminating and you’ll feel that old hunger pang. Unfortunately, you may not be in a position to handle it. It’s a good thing Banana Pound Cake tastes so wonderful that you’d believe you’ve already had supper!


The first flavor notes in a strain called Banana Pound Cake are quite self-explanatory. However, if a strain only has one aroma profile note, most people would find it uninteresting. Good, dependable strains with strong features have a wide variety of deep, ripe smells to them and make you want to come back for more.

Banana Pound Cakes aren’t the only thing this fragrance has in store. You’ll detect a touch of slightly overripe Banana Pound Cakes and ethylene at first whiff. Once the initial scent fades, there is a lot of intense sweetness, as well as a hint of an odd but not unpleasant tropical fruit aroma.


Despite its name, the initial thing you notice when this dense and hazy smoke hits your taste is not Banana Pound Cakes. You will instead detect a wave of powerful sweetness, as well as a general feeling of tropical tastes. It’s almost like you’ve been hit in the mouth with a pineapple and a huge bowl-load of tropical fruits at once.

After the initial wave has passed, there are numerous Banana Pound Cake flavors to try. It’s got a gently fuzzy, almost tangy taste profile with slightly overripe Banana Pound Cakes that stay in your mouth for too long.

While this might sound quite unpleasant, it is surprisingly delightful and refreshing. It tastes just like really high-quality Banana Pound Cakes that have sat on the counter for just a day too long. This effect provides even more sweetness than usual.

There is also a slight twang of that typical OG Kush flavor, with a slight skunkiness and intense diesel smell that reminds you of stopping off in a roadside gas station. However, the taste of Banana Pound Cakes and tropical fruits almost entirely wins out.


Banana Pound Cake has a denser appearance than other OG Kush-type strains with comparable indica tendencies. It has a fairly compact look, with many robust green shoots emerging through the buds. There are also several oranges present, which come from strangely expanded pistils that stick out and grind down into an exquisite, potent powder as a result of their outward poking and grinding.

There isn’t a massive amount of white trichomes on this strain, as most of the flavor comes from within the bud. However, there is still plenty of intensity despite this fact.

Despite its exotic flavor, Banana Pound Cake doesn’t have any uniquely distinctive markers that set it out from other strains. It is instead a solidly reliable, almost predictable strain; one that you could mistake for almost any other strain on the shop counter.

The best way to make sure you know what you are holding in your hand is to try and grow it yourself. So, what kind of specialized knowledge and tips do you need to grow your own Banana Pound Cake?

Banana Pound Cake Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Banana Pound Cake strain seeds are pretty widely available, but make sure that you pick up the right ones.

There are numerous different Banana Pound Cake strains with the word “Banana Pound Cake” in their names, so make sure you’re getting the Banana Pound Cake you want from your local seed shop. The easiest method to ensure you have what you need is to acquire a cutting from a trustworthy grower that you’ve maintained good terms with. Banana Pound Cake is rather simple to cultivate, assuming you obtain it by means of cuttings or seeds.

Banana Pound Cake needs a sufficiently warm climate to thrive, much like its predecessor OG Kush. It also requires a higher than average relative humidity level. The required humidity indicates that it may be cultivated either indoors or outdoors. Because it doesn’t need temperatures greater than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, Banana Pound Cake can even be grown in colder regions of the world’s vast outdoors.

As with many other indica strains, Banana Pound Cake will tend to grow quite broad and not very tall. This necessitates a fair amount of pruning and trimming to keep the plants growing properly. You can snip off the very tip of the upwards growth to help encourage it to grow more laterally and produce a larger yield. Additionally, you can also remove any larger leaves that try and grow in the shade of its outer bush.

Leaves that don’t get enough sunshine aren’t worth keeping. They also deplete the plant’s resources, making it difficult to generate enough bud. When it’s all said and done, how much THC are you going to get out of your Banana Pound Cake buds after they’ve been cured with a lot of individual attention paid to curing?

THC Content – Highest Test

Banana Pound Cake cannabis is well-known for its strong effects, which are often quite apparent and sometimes overpowering. Because it has such a quick onset of action, it almost always has a high THC concentration.

Most Banana Pound Cake bud samples will have a THC concentration of 25 percent or higher, with values as low as 18 percent. This indicates that the strain was created to contain as much THC as possible, making it a very powerful variety that should not be taken lightly.

Because the Banana Pound Cake strain was bred to have as much THC as possible, it has little CBD. This is rather unusual in the OG Kush family of strains. Because there wasn’t enough room left in the bud to add any CBD after such a great deal of effort was spent trying to cram as much THC into it as feasible, there isn’t any CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Banana Pound Cake Cannabis Strain

Many individuals, on the other hand, mistake CBD-rich strains for being less useful since they don’t have a large number of it. Strains like Banana Pound Cake with such high THC contents are ideal for treating a variety of unpleasant ailments because to their potent effects.

This strain is fantastic for managing feelings of sadness. The pure joy and general sense of purpose and mission it provides you is enough to banish all traces of melancholy. This makes it equally beneficial in treating anxiety as well as a variety of other mental conditions.

This strain has found its way into the hands of many marijuana users due to its ability to help with writer’s block. Creative individuals can dispel their inhibitions and activate their real creativity by relaxing their minds and flooding them with a sense of genuine joy.

Banana Pound Cake’s effectiveness in this area is bolstered by its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. Finally, just as you begin to feel that gently drowsy state, this strain will make your stomach rumble. This makes it ideal for managing unpleasant situations such as a lack of appetite or sleep difficulties.

Possible Side Effects of the Banana Pound Cake Cannabis Strain

When you smoke a potent indica marijuana strain, it’s practically a given that you’ll have to deal with dry mouth and eyes. These two symptoms are not inherently negative or distressing on their own. However, when they’re combined, they become extremely aggravating to live with. Keep some water on hand and a moist towel handy to help combat dehydration.

The Banana Pound Cake strain is also known for causing paranoia and tension, which are two significant drawbacks. When you smoke marijuana excessively, it might induce a sense of paranoia and anxiety. This may seem odd when you consider that the Banana Pound Cake strain is often used to treat those symptoms. However, when you smoke too much marijuana, you can develop an allergic reaction.

Banana Pound Cake has a high THC concentration, which might lead to being overpowering if you aren’t careful. This induces a strong increase in anxiety and paranoia. If you’re going to get paranoid after smoking too much marijuana, maybe just smoke a little bit of Banana Pound Cake at a time instead.

Finally, some people claim that before their heads hit the pillow, Banana Pound Cakes make them feel dizzy. This may also be avoided by smoking only what you can handle.

Final Thoughts on the Banana Pound Cake Cannabis Strain

It’s unusual to come across a strain that tastes so exactly like its namesake. When you smoke Banana Pound Cake, you can really taste Banana Pound Cakes as well as a variety of pungent tropical fruits and tangy sweetness. It’s not just about the flavor, though. You may also enjoy deep relaxation and gentle restfulness, which leaves your arms relaxed and your thoughts at ease.

If you’re looking for a delicious strain with relaxing, soothing effects, go to your local dispensary and get some Banana Pound Cake. It isn’t quite the same as visiting your local grocery store and picking up Banana Pound Cakes, but it’s pretty similar if you live in a legal state.

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