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Grand Daddy Purple and Ken’s OG were used to create The Kushman™ Cherry. This strain has a moderate amount of THC but is still quite relaxing. Most people take this at night to relax and de-stress. Get Black Cherry OG A strain of Black Rabbit Weed.

The Black Cherry OG cannabis strain was created by Mr. Ken Estes. He set out to develop a marijuana strain that could help patients with aches and pains find relief. Grandaddy Purple Collective, founded in 2002, became known for developing Granddaddy Purple (GDP).

However, comparing Estes to GDP while ignoring his prior work is asinine. It’s like thinking of Radiohead as that band who made Creep. Black Cherry OG is a great strain and an excellent illustration of Estes’ medical marijuana expertise in action.

What Is the Black Cherry OG Strain?

The Estes strain, known as Black Cherry OG, is a hybrid containing indica and sativa strains. It was developed as a cross between GDP and Ken’s OG by Estes. However, the source of the strain is a matter of debate. Only the breeders are aware of the real genetics. The blooms and leaves have subtle purple tints, implying that it comes from GDP. It’s also likely to include Ken’s OG DNA.

You won’t believe how powerful this strain is if you think it’s a mild one.

The scent of Green Crack Earthy is immediately followed by the impact delivered by Blueberry Cough. It relieves any tension and anxiety you may be feeling. Within seconds, users reported feeling incredibly calm! It’s a phase that might last for hours as you become hazy and inclined to consider the purpose of existence.

The high begins with a euphoric cerebral experience. This condition leads to a barrage of ideas entering your head. Soon enough, the physical effects of this strain take control. The first sensation is pressure in the forehead, which is followed by total-body relaxation. Your muscles begin to relax as you sink into your sofa or bed and have no desire to get up again.


When it comes to the smell of Black Cherry OG cannabis, you would probably expect it to be something like that. When you light up this marijuana strain, you’ll notice a mixture of grapes and berries, as well as spice and herbal notes.


The delectable fragrance prepares you for a pleasant taste experience. When you light Black Cherry OG and breathe in, you will be astonished by the intense and delicious fruit tastes that seem to explode on your tongue. The smoking experience is a pleasurable and smooth one. On the exhale, you may get a delightful honey like green tea flavor.


Black Cherry OG has enormous forest green nuggets, in addition to the well-known purple hues. It also contains vivid orange hairs and a few minty green patches. The nuggets are coated with white trichomes, and it is a moderately resinous strain.

Black Cherry OG Strain Grow Info

The difficulty of obtaining Black Cherry OG seeds is probably the most common problem you’ll encounter. Once you’ve got them, you’ll discover that cultivating this strain isn’t all that tough. If you have any experience growing marijuana, consider accentuating the purple hues of this strain? You may accomplish it by exposing your plants to colder temperatures before the flowering stage. However, be cautious because doing so puts your crop in a state of shock for a short time.

Black Cherry OG may be cultivated either inside or outside. If you go with that option, you’ll need to reside in a warm climate. Expect to have a lot of trouble if you want a big crop; nevertheless, it is possible to get an excellent yield. On average, Black Cherry OG produces only 10 ounces per plant! It’s ready for harvesting by the end of October on average if cultivated outside.

Indoor growers will be able to expect that Black Cherry OG takes 9-10 weeks to flower. The yield, on average, is expected to be quite low at 8-10 ounces per square meter planted.

THC Content – Highest Test

Because Black Cherry OG cannabis has not been thoroughly examined, determining its THC content is difficult. It’s most likely between 12 and 18 percent THC, according to reports.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The low CBD content of Black Cherry OG makes it unlikely to reach 0.4 percent.

Medical Benefits of the Black Cherry OG Strain

Cannabis plants with a Kosher Kush and Blueberry OG mix, like Cherry OG, have the ability to help with a wide range of medical problems. This is no surprise since it was created by Ken Estes!

Black Cherry OG is a popular choice for people suffering from muscular spasms, sadness, nausea, cramps, stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you choose to use Black Cherry OG, make sure you do it at night. You won’t be able to carry out any tasks that need energy because of the strong sedative effects!

Possible Side Effects of the Black Cherry OG Strain

The list of adverse effects caused by Black Cherry OG is not very long. It’s unlikely that you’ll experience any major symptoms, but everyone is different! Dry mouth and dizziness are the most common negative effects. You probably won’t encounter any negative or paranoid thoughts as long as you use it in moderation.

Final Thoughts on the Black Cherry OG Strain

If you’re searching for a strain that’ll help you relax, Black Cherry OG is a good option. Certain hybrid strains may have antidepressant-like properties. This might explain why consumers claim to be ‘more cheerful’ after using Black Cherry OG.

It’s a highly sedative strain, so don’t even consider operating heavy equipment until you’re good and high!

It’s not easy to come by cannabis seeds, as far as growing is concerned. When you do find them, however, you’ll discover that Black Cherry OG is simple to cultivate, but the yields aren’t spectacular. In general, it would be beneficial if you utilized Black Cherry OG in the later portion of the day. If you’re a beginner user, using Black Cherry OG may cause you to cough involuntarily. If this happens, try utilizing a vaporizer instead.

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