Black Diamond Weed

The Black Diamond is a strong strain, both in terms of flavor and effects. It has a deep blackberry aroma mixed with smokey toffee and charred wood notes. You might think your room was sparkling like a diamond, literally, since this plant has been linked to hallucinogenic side effects. Ideal for unwinding and giggling without the sedative couchlock.

Diamonds have long been seen as a young woman’s best friend, the finest gemstone for her flair and confidence. In many ways, diamonds represent control and ecstatic pride, which can’t be achieved any other way.

Breeders have managed to create one diamond of a strain that you’ll be proud to show off: Black Diamond, which pays homage to all things lovely in the marijuana world.

It’s a special, one-of-a-kind strain that delivers uplifting, pleasurable emotions associated with acquiring something unique; it’s something you’ve just got to have.

Let’s take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind strain to learn more about what makes it so unique.

What is the Black Diamond Strain?

Black Diamond is an indica-dominant hybrid that was created through a combination of Blackberry and Diamond OG, two well-known pungent strains.

The most essential thing to remember about Black Diamond is its massive amount of THC and its powerful impacts.

The Black Diamond strain’s high is strangely subtle, taking hold quickly but without much of a build-up. Expect to feel an odd weightlessness and lightness in your limbs, as well as an overwhelming sense of calmness and peace.

It’s easy to become engrossed in work, even if it isn’t that exciting. There is a sense of urgency that fast sets in, tempting you to sit down somewhere comfy – if you try Black Diamond while out on the town, you’ll be tempted to get the heck out ASAP. The soothing sensation will have you rushing home to get as comfortable as possible. Nothing could keep you from relaxing.

Due to the high concentration of THC in Black Diamond, it has been observed to produce hallucinations, such as the walls seeming to glisten and some mild sound amplification. This usually only happens if you consume a lot of it, but it may be quite pleasurable if you are prepared for it.

The high will turn your mild calm into a surprising giddiness that produces huge bursts of laughter at apparently unamusing things. Your body will be extremely energized yet equally restful, giving you the sensation of restlessness and energy while yet not allowing you to get up and accomplish much.

The high from Black Diamond is a true stoner’s high, leaving you feeling not quite tired, but very calm and reluctant to get up.

Black Diamond has also been recognized as the couple’s best friend owing to its mood-enhancing and aphrodisiac qualities, much like diamonds are regarded as a woman’s closest companion. Many couples purchase this strain looking to share it together.

The indica ingredients begin to take effect toward the end of the high, producing a really deep feeling of sleepiness that moves into general sedative characteristics that will eventually lead you to snoring softly on a pillow.

Is it, on the other hand, just a bland and one-dimensional imitation of its mother strains? What about its actual flavor and fragrance? Is it as wonderful as its parent strains?


The scent of the Black Diamond strain is akin to that of its Blackberry parentage, with a berry-like flavor. Instead of Blackberry’s powerful acidity and tartness, however, there is an underlying aspect of earthiness in Black Diamond that smells robust, vibrant, and strong.

Breaking up the buds produces this same flavor in the nose, but it is more deep and distinct, similar to browned sugar or nuts. This is the strain that has an aroma almost rich and mahogany-like without being woody, which makes it one of the closest marijuana strains to a great Cuban cigar.

The scent is odd in that it has a unique combination of tastes, yet none of them can be described without having smelled it, causing other experienced marijuana users to believe you’re not smoking marijuana.

Is it true, as some have said, that the flavor of a good cigar deteriorates with time? What about the taste, though? Is it simply the same deep, rich tastes on your tongue as before?


The Black Diamond strain’s smoke has a profile that is quite similar to its aroma, with a slightly burned toffee undercutting the strong berry flavor on your tongue. The smoke, however, is far silkier and more gentle than one might expect; such powerful tastes are very much like the drag of a smooth, extremely costly cigar.

The flavor on the exhale is similar to that of the initial aroma, albeit with greater notes of mahogany and smooth, hardwood.

The flavor of Diamond OG is actually quite minimal, owing to the fact that it draws more heavily from its Blackberry ancestry. However, it’s not just the taste and scent that distinguishes this strain from the rest; it also has a distinct appearance.


The flowers of the Black Diamond strain are strangely long and curling, resembling almost completely a flat circle, rather than the typical form of most marijuana plants. This results in buds that seem identical to their form, with a very robust framework that is nearly impossible to split up.

The leaves of Black Diamond are occasionally marred with violent gashes of purple, which only appear if the plant is grown in particularly chilly conditions.

Finally, Black Diamond is coated in a thick gloss of white trichomes that are both sticky and resilient, making this strain’s buds difficult to open.

If you want your Black Diamond to have this distinctive purple streak, make sure you get it from a grower that has grown it correctly. To do so, try and cultivate it yourself.

Black Diamond Strain Grow Info

Unfortunately, there are no commercially available seeds since the Black Diamond strain is genetically cloned. To attempt to grow your own Black Diamond, you’ll need to locate a grower who will give you one of his or her cutting.

If you can obtain a specimen of Black Diamond, you may grow it indoors or outdoors, depending on your demands. Remember that if you’re searching for those purple streaks of color, you must first expose the plant to cold weather.

If you’re growing indoors, turn on the AC and blast it with cold air, around 6-7°C for a few hours at night. If you can only grow it outdoors in the winter, you’re out of luck unless you have really chilly evenings.

Because of its tendency to bush out, it may be challenging for Diamond OG to attain much height. Because it has a lot of similarities with other indicas, be sure you trim any superfluous leaves that might try to obscure the plant from getting enough light and develop good buds.

Other than ensuring that it stays in the 70+ degree Fahrenheit range while blasting it with cold air, you just need to follow any regular gardening practices. Except for when it’s blowing with cold air.

What kind of THC concentration can you expect after you’ve collected and completely dried your Black Diamond to keep the wonderful blend of white trichomes?

THC Content – Highest Test

Black Diamond is a marijuana strain known for its potency, and it’s one of the most potent strains available. Black Diamond was developed with the goal of developing an exceptional strain in mind, and it was created to have an average THC concentration of around 21%, with the maximum reported level sitting at around 24%.

Black Diamond is a potent strain that has the capacity to produce significant hallucinogenic-like effects if overused. Make sure you keep an eye on your Black Diamond dosage, since this plant can easily have you climbing the wall if you aren’t careful.

You could anticipate a strain with such a strong profile to contain only trace amounts of CBD and 24% THC, given that it contains so much THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unfortunately, you’re correct; as with most really strong marijuana strains with THC levels above 20%, Black Diamond has virtually no CBD at all.

Despite the fact that a few samples have been found with CBD levels of around 1% or somewhat more, Black Diamond contains very little CBD. Every cannabis plant has a certain amount of space for cannabinoid production, which is why CBD generally gets squeezed out.

Despite its low CBD content, the Black Diamond strain still has several beneficial medicinal effects, which is why it’s a favorite among marijuana users.

Medical Benefits of the Black Diamond Strain

The medical effects of Gray Area are fairly typical, owing in part to the fact that once a particular marijuana strain has enough THC, they have identical effects.

The Black Diamond strain is most often used to treat problems caused by excessive stress, especially insomnia. Because of its huge mood elevating effects and tendency to foster total and complete relaxation and easygoing sentiments, the Black Diamond strain is ideal for overcoming those unpleasant annoyances that stick with you throughout the day after a stressful encounter.

For those who have trouble falling asleep at night, Black Diamond is a great option for leading you to sleep; however, it’s worth noting that the drowsiness induced by Black Diamond is not comparable to other sedative varieties that completely knock you out. You will fall asleep more gracefully with Black Diamond, taking a few hours to descend into a more gradually tired state before finally shutting your eyes for the night.

Another frequent result of the Black Diamond strain is a strong sense of hunger. For individuals who have difficulty eating because to an eating disorder or other medical condition, Black Diamond may be a literal lifesaver in terms of how much it encourages you to polish off every morsel that comes your way.

Finally, Black Diamond’s high THC concentration makes it ideal for treating both mental and physical stress, as well as chronic pain problems. If you’re having trouble dealing with yourself mentally or your body is unwilling to let you go insane with agony, Black Diamond could be the ideal strain for you.

Of course, as with other marijuana strains, there will be a few unpleasant side effects.

Possible Side Effects of the Black Diamond Strain

The most apparent and anticipated side effect of Black Diamond is the typical dry mouth and dry eyes that follow nearly every marijuana strain. However, with Black Diamond, you’ll need to keep a glass of water and maybe even a damp dish cloth on hand to help combat the harsh dryness.

The next most prevalent adverse effect is an increase in paranoia, which is especially probable if you have a tendency to paranoid ideas or are a heavy smoker.

It’s worth noting that any paranoid anxieties you may have while on Black Diamond are essentially a consequence of taking too much Black Diamond at once, so the best way to manage this is to make sure you don’t take more than you can handle.

It’s important to remember that, as long as you only smoke what is enough to get you high or alleviate your medical problem, you should be fine.

Final Thoughts on the Black Diamond Strain

The strain is also known as Blue Mutation, and it’s a strange one. It has the characteristics of an exceptionally potent indica variety yet displays sativa-like beginning effects. Furthermore, it has the taste profile of a superb cigar rather than a hybrid marijuana plant that it truly is.

The Diamond is advertised as a co-branded, premium cannabis product. It has an exquisite taste and feel to it, like something out of this world should be far more expensive than it is.

Black Diamond, on the other hand, is no different than any other variety in that it must be grown from seed. However, because there are no commercially available seeds for Black Diamond, finding it may be a little harder.

Black Diamond is the ideal strain if you’re searching for an incredibly powerful yet somehow extremely smooth smoke that comes with a strong, mellowed high and encourages you to stuff your face and then fall asleep.

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