Bubblegum Strain

The Bubblegum Hybrid is a crossbred that gives a creative and euphoric high. It has undertones of Bubblegum Hybrid as well as faint traces of sweets and fruit. It’s also high in THC but low in CBD, making it better for recreational use than medical treatment.

The aromatic and delicious Bubblgum Hybrid strain was developed in Indiana, but it evolved gradually as different phenotypes of the Bubblegum Hybrid strain were created and perfected in New England before being brought to the Netherlands. The method took many generations to complete, but it was well worth it: the Bubblegum Hybrid strain went on to win a number of awards.

In 1994, the Bubblegum Hybrid variety won two awards at the Cannabis Cup and then took second place twice more at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995. Another proof of this strain’s quality came when it won first prize at the Spannabis Cannabis Champion’s Cup in 2005, where it was once again the Bubblegum Hybrid strain. A second-place showing at the same competition two years later confirmed that this hybrid was one of its era’s greatest.

What Is the Bubblegum Hybrid Strain?

In 1993, TH Seeds debuted their first strain, the Bubblegum Hybrid, as the company’s debut contribution to the cannabis reform movement. According to TH Seeds, it was apparent that it had been a success for them since it received so many accolades. According to TH Seeds, the Bubblegum Hybrid is an indica-dominant hybrid.

The indica side of the Bubblegum Hybrid strain will leave you feeling completely calm and sedated. This cannabis strain is recognized for couch-locking, which isn’t a big deal if you just want to sit on the sofa and veg out. If you need to get any important work done while high, this strain is not recommended!

The indica side of the Bubblegum Hybrid strain will leave you feeling extremely calm, perhaps to the point of being too comfortable. The Bubblegum Hybrid is a cross between legendary Bubblegum and White Widow, both of which are known for their euphoric and uplifting effects. Because this strain’s capacity to raise one’s spirits as well as offer a sense of deep tranquility makes it ideal for nighttime usage,

The creativity of users of this strain is said to increase significantly, making it an appealing option for artists looking for a little inspiration.


You’re correct in assuming that the scent of Bubblegum Hybrid is similar to Bubblegum Hybrid. It has a sweet fragrance, and its delicious aroma is reminiscent of candy mingled with sweet and floral notes, but there is a slight danker, earthier undertone.


Fortunately, the flavor and fragrance of the Bubblegum Hybrid strain are equally pleasant. The creamy and berry flavors combine to make a sensory treat. The delectable taste and scent of this cannabis variety are just two of the many reasons why it has become so popular in the cannabis community.


The breeders at SOG Seeds have referred to a Bubblegum Hybrid plant as a “soldier-like” strain; imagine an army soldier standing rigidly at attention with his arms crossed against his body to get an idea of how it looks. This plant grows up to 160 cm tall. This colorful pistil is frosted with trichomes and has bright orange hairs for added color.

Bubblegum Hybrid Strain Grow Info

When the Sea of Green Technique is utilized, the Bubblegum Hybrid strain flourishes. Because to its high mold and rot resistance, this plant may be cultivated both indoors and outside, but it is especially prone to mold and decay owing to its high mold and rot tolerance, so it’s especially important if you’re growing outdoors. If grown outdoors in a dry, warm, and sunny environment.

When cultivated outside, this plant benefits from a dry, hot, and bright climate. When given with a diverse mix of macronutrients, the Bubblegum Hybrid plant flourishes. The Bubblegum Hybrids blooms between 8 and 9 weeks, with October being the best month to harvest outdoors in California.

The THC Seeds website states that using CO2 canisters in the growth setting and SOG techniques, Bubblegum Hybrids may generate an average yield of 350-400 grams per square meter, which may be increased to 600g per square meter by mixing the SOG method with CO2. THC seeds also propose crossbreeding other varieties with the Bubblegum Hybrid strain.

The Bubba Kush and the OG Kush are crossed to produce the Bubblegum Hybrid. THC levels of 19 percent have been discovered in samples of the Bubblegum Hybrid strain, which contains the Bubblegum Hybrid variety. This plant’s usual THC range is 13 to 17.5 percent. The CBD content of the Bubblegum Hybrid strain is 0.10 percent, which is quite low.

Medical Benefits of the Bubblegum Hybrid Strain

The Bubblegum Hybrid is not only a great recreational cannabis strain, but it’s also beneficial for medicinal marijuana users. The relaxing effects of the Bubblegum Hybrid strain make it a fantastic way to unwind and relax after a long day.

The soothing smoke of the Bubblegum Hybrid smells lovely and melds well with other cannabis strains. It also has a deep body-melt effect, making it great for treating severe problems like arthritis, muscular, and lower back pain. Because the Bubblegum Hybrid strain can make you sleepy after the sativa effects have worn off, it’s beneficial for dealing with insomnia.

The uplifting effects of the Bubblegum Hybrid strain include a euphoric sense and a boost in mood. As a result, medicinal cannabis patients suffering from mood disorders such as sadness or anxiety will feel better, albeit only momentarily, owing to the disease’s negative side effects.

Possible Side Effects of the Bubblegum Hybrid Strain

The Bubblegum Hybrid strain’s most notable side effect is its propensity to cause people to stay glued to the sofa. While it isn’t a problem for some, others, particularly those who have never experienced it or weren’t expecting it, may find it unpleasant.

The most typical and minor cannabis side effects, such as a dry mouth and eyes, are common with smoking marijuana. Some novice consumers reported feeling dizzy or paranoid after smoking the Bubblegum Hybrid strain. Cannabis smokers who smoke stronger varieties of marijuana without overconsuming shouldn’t have any issues enjoying Bubblegum Hybrid cannabis.

Final Thoughts

The Bubblegum Hybrid is a fantastic option for both recreational and medical marijuana users. This strain is ideal for unwinding at the end of the day, especially if you work long hours. Its energizing and deeply soothing effects might help medicinal cannabis patients to relax.

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