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Are you new to cannabis and want to learn more about it in Cannabis dispensary Saskatoon? There are so many ways to consume and use cannabis, based on personal needs.

Some of the most popular options of using cannabis

Here are some of the most popular options:

– Smoking: This is one of the most common methods and involves burning the cannabis flower and inhaling the smoke in Cannabis dispensary Saskatoon. This method is quick-acting, but it can also be harsh on your lungs.

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– Vaping: Vaping involves heating up cannabis concentrates or flower in an electronic device called a vaporizer, resulting in a vapor that you then inhale without smoke. Many people prefer vaping because it is a smoother experience than smoking.

– Edibles: You can also consume cannabis in edible form in Cannabis dispensary Saskatoon, such as cookies or gummies. The effects take longer to kick in but they last longer too.

– Oils and Tinctures: For medical purposes, oils or tinctures made with cannabidiol (CBD) are gaining popularity. These products don’t contain any THC, so there won’t be any psychoactive effects like with other forms of cannabis consumption.

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