Weed store Gatineau

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Besides just buying weed in Weed store Gatineau, you might also want to know what other products you can get. Different weed services in Gatineau offer different types of products, so it’s important to check what’s available.

In general, you can find flower, edibles and concentrates from these services. Flower is the traditional cannabis buds that many people know about for smoking or vaping purposes. Edibles come in different forms such as baked goods, candies and dietary supplements. Concentrates are higher THC concentration products made from extracting the compounds from the plant itself.

Besides just buying weed

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You may also find topicals such as balms, oils and creams which are meant to be applied externally instead of ingested or smoked. Of course if you’re not sure what to get or need advice on which product is right for you then don’t hesitate to ask your Weed store Gatineau as they’ll be happy to help out!

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