Airborne G13Weed

This strain is steeped in mystery. It may be useful for individuals looking for a powerful and trustworthy high, although it is shrouded in conspiracy. For a tasty smoke break, there are lemon undertones combined with sage. Finally, it won’t keep you stuck on the sofa.

The backstory to the Airborne G13 strain might pique your interest if you’re into conspiracies. According to legend, G13 is a sort of “super” cannabis created by the American government for research. The G13 strain had a resurgence in popularity. It was referenced in American Beauty when Lester buys it from his neighbor’s son.

The existence of a truly potent bud created by the government would come as a major shock. Mostly, what is utilized in the official testing facility at the University of Mississippi is referred to as schwag. In any case, at least Airborne G13 is more consistent.

What Is the Airborne G13 Strain?

The Airborne G13 strain of marijuana was developed by Reeferman Seeds. It’s most likely a hybrid that contains significant indica content. It’s probably a cross of Northern Lights #2 and G-13, although the origins of G-13 are as unknown as its beginnings with the original Airborne strain.

If you need a relaxing high, though, look no further than this marijuana strain! Some users have suggested that Airborne G-13 causes couch lock.

It is hard to pin down the precise genetic makeup of this strain.

Some users say it is more indica than sativa, while others claim the opposite. The fact that Airborne G13 affects both the body and mind serves to identify the strain.

It offers a cerebral high initially, followed by a body buzz that shouldn’t cause you to become immobile. Indeed, novices may find the head high too intense for their liking.

Eventually, the body high becomes prominent and helps you feel relaxed. By then, you are ready to eliminate the stressors that have caused you problems today. The strong physical high at the end indicates that Airborne G13 is more indica than sativa.


The Airborne G13 strain is known for its strong citrus aroma. However, you can also get subtle hints of sage if you focus on the delightful scent of this herb.


If you enjoyed the refreshing smell, you would love the flavor because this strain’s taste is similar to its aroma. The lemon flavor comes to the fore, but you get the merest hint of sage once again.


This strain has tightly packed nugs coated in trichomes.

Airborne G13 Strain Grow Info

The Airborne G13 strain seeds are only available in feminized form, which means you don’t have to worry about a rogue male plant developing and pollinating your entire crop. It’s a versatile plant that can grow indoors or outside. Its flowering period inside is around nine weeks long.As far as the growing climate is concerned, play it safe, and keep the daytime temperature between 70- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. It is a plant that enjoys a reasonable amount of nutrients. Most experts agree that marijuana plants need a total of 18 nutrients to thrive.

Don’t be concerned if it seems like a lot. There are several items on the market that can satisfy even the most picky marijuana plants. The 18 nutrients include macronutrients and micronutrients, to repeat. The triumvirate of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) is known as the “fabled three.” Don’t forget about calcium, magnesium, and sulfur, either.

If you grow Airborne G13 indoors, consider a hydroponic setup to see if you can grow enormous buds. In this case, make sure you regularly prune to provide plenty of space between the branches. This practice allows the buds vital room to get bigger. Also, the increased airflow makes sure no part of the plant is exposed to excess humidity.

The pH of the growing medium is another crucial aspect of a successful grow. If you cultivate in soil, keep the pH in the 6.3 to 6.8 range. In a hydroponics setup, the pH can fall as low as 5.5 without causing harmful effects to your crop.

Keep a close eye on the pH of your growing medium when you add nutrients. A pH meter is a great investment and is inexpensive compared to the other equipment you have.

It’s not for the faint of heart, as its THC content might vary from 18% to 28 %!

There is little to no CBD in Airborne G13 to tone down the intoxicating high. In general, you won’t find any more than 0.05% CBD in Airborne G13.

Medical Benefits of the Airborne G13 Strain

Airborne G13 is a much-loved medicinal marijuana strain, despite the fact that it is primarily used for recreational purposes. The physical high helps to relieve muscular pain and the effects of chronic pain after the euphoric sensations have worn off your mood. This plant is popular among users who use it to combat tension, stress, and sadness.

Patients with nausea, seizures, and eating disorders also use Airborne G13. It is a strain that doesn’t completely couch-lock you. It also allows you to relax by easing the debilitating pain you feel while still keeping you alert enough to be creative.

Possible Side Effects of the Airborne G13 Strain

There are always a handful of side effects associated with any potent marijuana strain. As far as Airborne G13 is concerned, dry mouth and dry eyes could prove problematic. The intensity of the high is also likely too severe for novice users. Although it makes your body feel relaxed, it is a good strain for daytime use.

Final Thoughts on the Airborne G13 Strain

Airborne G13 by Reeferman Seeds is a work of art. It’s powerful enough for recreational use, but it’s become quite popular among medical marijuana patients.

It is perhaps not a shock that this strain is a superstar since it came from two legendary strains.

However, there is no guarantee that combining great strains gets you another epic plant. In Airborne G13’s case, it did.

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