First 48 Weed

The First 48 marijuana strain is a strong choice for people looking to unwind and go to sleep easily. It has a sativa-leaning profile and is effective in treating stress and tension-related issues. Its relaxing high makes it popular among users. It also grows quickly, taking approximately eight weeks from seed to flower fully.

The First 48 strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It starts with the typical sativa effects, but it eventually gives the physical high associated with indica. Users who have previously used First 48 might adapt to its influence by attempting to conduct their daily life in accordance with its impact.

If you use it in the early afternoon, for example, you may have a productive spell. The high should allow you to feel more calm as the evening approaches. Hopefully, by that time, you will have finished all of your tasks on your to-do list.

What Is the First 48 Strain?

First 48 is a seed hybrid developed by Swamp Boys Seeds, who crossed The White with Orange Blossom Trail.

You first start to notice the effects of First 48 as your mind clears, pushing all negative and distracting thoughts to one side. You may also find yourself focusing on creative and productive ideas.

Eventually, however, the initial energetic high wears off, and you suddenly feel relaxed and perhaps even sleepy. Users often report becoming easily distracted and would rather lounge on a sofa or bed than doing anything else. You should try the First 48 strain in the late afternoon or early evening.


The First 48 marijuana strain has little in common with its parent strain, The White when it comes to its aroma. It combines a mix of earthy skunkiness with an herbal lemon blend. First 48 has an extremely pungent smell, which intensifies when you break apart the buds.

Burning First 48 allows the fresher lemon side of the strain to shine through, filling the air with herbal freshness. The smell tends to sit heavy in the air, seemingly sticking to everything, and it is potentially difficult to remove.


First 48 has a fresh, citrusy flavor profile, which likely comes from Orange Blossom Trail. It provides a smooth smoke that makes it easy to inhale deeply and fully enjoy the freshness.

First 48 can leave a slightly sour aftertaste, which surprises some users. However, it doesn’t detract from the enjoyable flavor profile that comes with each puff.


The first 48 buds are usually oblong in shape and have a deep forest green hue. Thin brown pistils thread their way through each bud, giving it a mottled appearance. The pistils give the plant a more muted appearance and help it blend in easily among other plants. With their bright green color, First 48’s leaves make up for the bud’s lack of color.

First 48 Strain Grow Info

The First 48 is a fast-flowering strain that needs only eight weeks from seed to maturity. It’s potentially a good strain for novices since it matures more quickly than most. You may grow First 48 either indoors or outside, depending on the weather. It thrives in a moderate to hot climate, and you can readily recreate that environment inside your home. Plants kept within limits are less susceptible to pests and rot.

You can get First 48 strain seeds online and they are usually simple to come by depending on your location. You may also produce from cuttings. In my opinion, it’s more beneficial for novices to start with this method rather than purchasing seeds. It generally provides a more predictable and constant growing experience.

THC Content – Highest Test

First 48 cannabis has a higher than average THC content of 29%. Therefore, while it is suitable for newbie growers, novice cannabis users should try a less potent strain. Some users suggest that the high THC level is responsible for the sudden drop of energy at the tail-end of the high.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The CBD content of First 48 varies from 0.25% to 0.48%. It’s probably closer to 0.1 percent than 1 percent.

Medical Benefits of the First 48 Strain

The First 48 is a marijuana strain that may help with physical discomfort, especially migraines. The strain’s strength might assist with pain management while also providing a boost of energy. Users who suffer from insomnia may find the end of the high to be sedative in nature, which can be useful.

The First 48’s mental high might help with stress and depression. It may assist you relax and clear your thoughts. The initial enthusiasm you experience might also aid in completing your daily routines quickly.

Don’t be fooled by the initial effects of First 48, which fill you with energy. A comedown is inevitable and will leave you feeling relaxed and possibly lethargic.

Possible Side Effects of the First 48 Strain

If you have anxiety issues, the exceptionally high THC level of First 48 should be avoided. In this case, the strain might increase your heart rate, which may cause anxious or paranoid feelings to get worse. Users with a low THC tolerance could experience dizziness as a result of the strength of this plant.

There are no long-term side effects of the First 48, with the exception of dry mouth and eyes. Both should only last a few hours and have little long-term impact on your health.

Final Thoughts on the First 48 Strain

First 48 is an intense strain due to its high THC content. For those new to cannabis, it can feel like a roller coaster ride. Within a few hours, you find yourself shifting from a productive and motivated mindset to a state of complete relaxation. While this can feel a little overwhelming at first, it can also result in a very rewarding high.

First 48 combines an interesting mix of freshness as a result of its citrus aroma and flavor. It also has a pungent smell that isn’t easy to get rid of.

It is a strain that, despite lacking certain amazing qualities, has several potential advantages that make it worth considering when looking for medicinal strains. First 48 may have a beneficial influence on your mood and pain relief.

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