Durban 95

Durban 95 is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a THC content of 22. It was developed in Sonoma County, California, and has an average THC level of 22%. The strain provides uplifting cerebral euphoria and deep relaxation. If you’re looking for the ideal nighttime cannabis variety, Durban 95 might be the one for you. It’s… Continue reading Durban 95

Full Melt Bubble Hash Canada

If you’re looking for a top-tier cannabis extract on the market, six-star bubble hash known as Full Melt Bubble Hash is worth checking out. This solventless, polluting, and residue-free concentrate is frequently described as “the best of the batch,” so it’s typically more expensive. Full melt refers to the cleanliness of the hash, its ability… Continue reading Full Melt Bubble Hash Canada

Winter Berry Strain

The Winter Berry strain is yet another mysterious marijuana option. Users can expect to feel relaxed and sleepy towards the end of the evening. As the name suggests, this strain grows short but still provides a reasonable yield. Try our Heaven’s Devil Strain. Now that cannabis has been legalized to grow in several locations, growers… Continue reading Winter Berry Strain

Facts and Myths about Weed Detox

Despite its illegality, marijuana prohibition has transformed the landscape of drug testing. While it is true that many organizations still have a “zero-tolerance” policy, an increasing number are eliminating cannabis tests. Several jurisdictions now require employers to allow employees to use medical marijuana if they want to. For example, in late 2018, a federal court… Continue reading Facts and Myths about Weed Detox

Rare Darkness Weed

A soothing and uplifting high is characteristic of the Dark strain. A delicious grape aftertaste lingers on each breath. This breed has a THC content of 22 percent on average. This strain may be used to help you sleep or simply unwind if you want to relax. The Rare Darkness strain offers a pleasant lift,… Continue reading Rare Darkness Weed

First 48 Weed

The First 48 marijuana strain is a strong choice for people looking to unwind and go to sleep easily. It has a sativa-leaning profile and is effective in treating stress and tension-related issues. Its relaxing high makes it popular among users. It also grows quickly, taking approximately eight weeks from seed to flower fully. The… Continue reading First 48 Weed

Airborne G13Weed

This strain is steeped in mystery. It may be useful for individuals looking for a powerful and trustworthy high, although it is shrouded in conspiracy. For a tasty smoke break, there are lemon undertones combined with sage. Finally, it won’t keep you stuck on the sofa. The backstory to the Airborne G13 strain might pique… Continue reading Airborne G13Weed

Candy Jack Weed Strain

The name of the Candy Jack strain comes from the fact that it does not contain the term “candy.” This plant has a sweet, sugary flavor that is reminiscent of cotton candy, grapes, and berries. It also contains a high quantity of THC (with an average THC level of 27 percent!), providing a buzzing and… Continue reading Candy Jack Weed Strain

Appalachia Weed Strain

The Appalachia strain is a cross between two cannabis strains: an indica and a sativa. Users claim that it lifts, energizes, and relaxes them. Its THC content is in the middle of the road by current standards, yet its effects can be overpowering for novices. Appalachia is simple to grow because of its hybrid origins.… Continue reading Appalachia Weed Strain

Pineapple 99 Weed Strain

Pineapple 99 is a strong indica-dominant hybrid with powerful effects. This strain offers a tropical pineapple flavor that is citrusy and skunky in nature. Users adore Pineapple 99’s deeply soothing and relaxing properties. For stress reduction and relaxation, this strain is excellent in the late afternoon or early evening. The exquisite, slightly tart tastes of… Continue reading Pineapple 99 Weed Strain