Purple Yeti Strain

The Purple Yet is a completely relaxing indica strain. It’s the ideal Sunday strain for curling up on the sofa with a pleasant expression on your face, so get ready to relax. You can buy Kootenayz Exoticz.

In the United States, cannabis is not typically linked to religion. Marijuana has been used in various religions across the world for centuries, most notably associated with Rastafarianism. It’s not hard to see how the mind-expanding, sometimes psychedelic side effects might be translated into spiritual rituals.

The Purple Yeti strain is a unique, psychoactive cannabis hybrid that can help you connect with your inner feelings and expand spirituality in your life. We dig into this strain in depth to find out how it can lead to a profound spiritual awakening among its users. We also cover its taste, side effects, medical uses, and more in this article. Read on to learn all there is to know about Purple Yeti!

What is the Purple Yeti Strain?

The origin of the Purple Yeti breed is unknown. It’s thought to be a mix between God’s Gift and OG Kush, though we don’t know who the breeders are. Because of such parents as these, Purple Yeti has a lot to live up to – both literally and figuratively!

Since its introduction, this strain has gained a lot of popularity. It combines pleasant cannabis tastes with fantastic effects. It’s a pure indica that delivers strong relaxation effects to users. As a result, it’s ideal for unwinding on Sundays after your hard work week is over.

This strain is ideal for recreational users since it generates a lot of fun. The high rapidly travels to the head, where your facial muscles will twitch upward into a grin. Your limbs will get increasingly heavy as you become more delighted. You will soon be entrenched in the sofa with a smile on your face.

Purple Yeti is a hybrid cannabis strain that combines the soothing effects of indica-dominant genetics with the invigorating effects of sativa genes. Purple Yeti’s sedative indica-like qualities make it ideal for nighttime or late evening usage.

After using Purple Yeti, most people report feeling drowsy. For the best effects, use this strain on a lazy afternoon or in the evening. Take it in the morning and your day will be gone before you know it!

Although some users report feeling energetic after drinking Purple Yeti, it’s interesting to note that a few of them feel really tired. But don’t be fooled; this isn’t the type of energy that gets you motivated to get stuff done. Rather, it’s a more intimate sort of energy that may urge you and your partner to go straight up stairs to your bedroom as soon as possible! Purple Yeti may be a fantastic strain for indulging in with your spouse on a relaxing, personal night.

However, when using Purple Yeti for the first time, go slowly. Because the effects can be somewhat unpredictable, it’s best to take things easy.


The flavor of Purple Yeti is very similar to that of OG Kush. With a lot of earthy, musky undertones, it’s quite similar to OG Kush. It has a pungent aroma due to the pine and wood-like aromas. You might detect citrusy undertones hidden somewhere in there if you have a sensitive sniffer.


The flavor of Purple Yeti is likewise earthy and musky. There are hints of spice on the exhale, with a lot of refreshing pine. Clearly, Purple Yeti draws a lot of its genes from OG Kush, which provides for a rather traditional cannabis taste. Those who enjoy the classics will appreciate Purple Yeti. Furthermore, because it isn’t overly thick or cough-inducing, it’s an excellent strain for everyone to try.


Purple Yeti’s appearance is more appealing than its taste. The indica plant is short and squat, producing many nuggets. The buds are conical in form and dark green in color. Orange pistils dot the buds, which are complemented by dark green leaves. As a result, it has a consistent look about it. The sparkling trichomes against the dark hue makes for a striking contrast. Skilled growers may even be able to produce purple hues in the buds by putting the plant under lower temperatures at the end of its life cycle. In general, Purple Yeti is an attractive plant.

Purple Yeti Strain Grow Info

You may purchase Purple Yeti seeds from a variety of retailers to cultivate this strain at home. Feminized versions of the seeds are available from several seed companies.

Fortunately, Purple Yeti is a simple plant to grow. This strain is not too difficult for novices to cultivate; it’s quite low-maintenance. Aside from standard pruning, there isn’t much else you need to do.

Purple Yeti is a cold-resistant strain. It flourishes in most of the United States, but it benefits from being kept warm indoors. To flower indoors, it takes around 8-9 weeks. Purple Yeti has a tendency to produce up to 14 ounces of bud per square foot on average.

THC Content – Highest Test

Purple Yeti is a THC-dominant strain. It has a moderate THC content, ranging from 15% to 19%. These are all low compared to many strains on the market, however you still need to be cautious since this plant might produce unpleasant side effects if used excessively.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Despite the fact that Purple Yeti has a relatively low THC content, it usually contains less than 1% CBD. Despite this, it is a well-known medical strain for several MMJ patients.

Medical Benefits of the Purple Yeti Strain

Purple Yeti is a hybrid strain bred by indicas. Purple Yeti can be used to treat insomnia as an indica. At the end of the high, it typically puts people to sleep. Individuals suffering from sleeplessness can benefit from the effects of this variety as they prepare for bed, eager for a night’s worth of deep rest.

Purple Yeti is a powerful sedative that’s beneficial for those suffering from depression, as well as a variety of other ailments. It’s impossible to feel depressed after smoking this strain. Stress and sadness will melt away, making it an ideal tool for falling asleep.

Purple Yeti is a wonderful strain for treating sleep disorders and insomnia, as well as providing relief from mild aches and pains. Some individuals claim that Purple Yeti works well at alleviating pain. If this is the case, you can use Purple Yeti to relieve back discomfort or nerve discomfort while getting much-needed comfort.

Finally, a handful of users say that Purple Yeti can rid feelings of nausea. Those who suffer nausea as a result of medications or conditions like vertigo may be able to use Purple Yeti to settle their stomachs.

Possible Side Effects of the Purple Yeti Strain

Purple Yeti, on the other hand, has some disadvantages. The most common negative effects are dry mouth and eyes. Fortunately, they are more bothersome than harmful, making them unlikely to ruin your trip. Keep a glass of water handy to keep yourself hydrated; it’s preferable to do this before sitting down!

Some users also report feeling paranoid, anxious, and/or dizzy after using Purple Yeti. As a result, it’s necessary to go low and slow when using this strain. Overuse could result in these more unpleasant side effects.

Since Purple Yeti can have some pretty unpredictable consequences, it’s best to smoke up with some friends or a partner.

Final Thoughts on the Purple Yeti Strain

The Purple Yeti strain is, in general, a fantastic indica variety. It offers a classic cannabis flavor with excellent effects that leave you relaxed and ready to chill out. However, even at just 19% THC, the high from Purple Yeti can be powerful. You may enjoy it alone or with a friend, but you’re sure to have a wonderful spiritual experience if you do so.

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